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The Sephardi encounter with modernity shows a counterexample to the Ashkenazi and European experience of secularization. The Mizrahi encounter with modernity offers a case study for thinking of secularization in Israel and beyond. This conference explored the religious and secular aspects of what we view as Mizrahi renaissance in the context of power struggles and political debates in Israel. A special focus was given to the category 'Masortiut' (or 'Traditionism') as reaction and alternative to the western religious-secular dichotomy.

The conference was held in Leipzig on June 20, as Part of 'ReCentGlobe' and 'Multiple Secularities beyond the West, beyond Modernities' at the University of Leipzig. explores different forms of secularity in non-western regions:
The Israeli case - unknown or overlooked - can highlight Mizrahi secularization experiences as key to the questions posed around global secularization beyond the West.

This conference was organised by:
Yemima Hadad| University of Leipzig

Angy Cohen| Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)/ University of Calgary

Yael Attia| University of Potsdam / University of Paderborn

And made possible by the following sponsors:

  • The European Association for Jewish Studies - EAJS
  • The Jenny Belzberg Program in Israel Studies, University of Calgary
  • University of Leipzig