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Herzliche Einladung zu einer digitalen Lehrveranstaltung der Sinologie von Dr. Marco Lazzarotti, die auch Studierenden der Theologie offensteht.

Freitag von 9.15-10.45 (Online seminar)
Freitag, 11.15.-12.45 (Online reading class)

The aim of this course is to provide a first knowledge on the history of Christianity in China, an important, understudied area in both Asian studies and religious history. This course covers almost
1000 years of Christian history in China, from the first missionaries’ arrival in the 13st century to the most recent political and social developments of the 20th and 21st centuries. As the course title
implies, we will pay particular attention to the issues of cultural and religious innovation and integration as Christianity interacted with Chinese society, culture, and thought. The encounter of
Christianity with the Chinese world has involved disputes even within Christianity, disputes of a theological nature and also of a social nature. The texts chosen will describe these moments and the
reactions that both Christians and Chinese had on the choices implemented by the missionaries. The reading class complements the seminar by focusing on key texts of the Chinese Christian

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