Faculty of Theology, Leipzig – since 1409

Welcome to the School of Theology of the University of Leipzig!

The School of Theology is as old as University of Leipzig itself; both were founded in 1409. The School of Theology in Leipzig has been Protestant since the Reformation. Since that time, the theological studies offered by the School of Theology have been primarily shaped by the theology of the tradition of the Lutheran Reformation.

In 1992, the School of Theology of the University of Leipzig merged with the Leipzig Theological Seminary, creating its special form. Today, both the university and the School of Theology wear a new, modern face.

They are places of research and learning, as well as a place for personal encounters between students and teachers of both the former East and West Germany and between Europeans and those from outside of Europe.  The School of Theology maintains close contacts with universities particularly in Eastern Europe, Israel, Great Britain, Switzerland, and the USA, which enable students to participate in exchange programs or archaeological excavations.

The Protestant School of Theology of the University of Leipzig explores the religious traditions of Christianity as one of the most important foundations for western culture. At the same time, it recognizes that its task is to also reflect scientifically on the living Christian message in society and, thereby, prepare future pastors and teachers.

Under the heading “School,” you can find information on the Dean’s Office and an alphabetic listing of the department’s employees.

Information about the course of studies or detailed information about individual departments within our school can be found under the appropriate keywords  

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